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The University of Pennsylvania’s Injury Science Center has a long-standing reputation in the field of injury science and prevention, ranging across a variety of topics and issues.

Boxcar worked with the PISC team to construct a new WordPress website that aimed to highlight these issues and the projects, research, and news surrounding them. Through the restructuring of content with shared taxonomy system, the website better showcases their progress and research as well as related information and relevant content. Boxcar continues to work with the PISC team on additional initiative websites and programs, as well as new features and support for the main PISC website.

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Working with Boxcar was a great experience. They anticipated and responded to our unique needs from start to finish. Not only do we have a website that is professional, engaging, and intuitive, we were also provided the tools and education to maintain the site for years to come. Even with some of the advanced functionality Boxcar built into our site, they’ve made it easy for our staff to keep things running smoothly for a great user experience.

Andrew Belfiglio, MPH
Communications & Operations Manager
Penn Injury Science Center