We are a team of designers, developers, and usability specialists who are involved in your project from start to finish. As a client, this means you’ll be working directly with the people who are creating your website rather than salespeople and business majors. As required, we also maintain strategic partnerships to round out your project with services such as videography, photography and copywriting.

Lani Chisnell

Partner / Creative Director

Lani leads our information architecture and design efforts at the Studio. She holds her Master's degree in Information and Library Science from the University of Michigan, and brings a breadth of experience from the world of non-profit to retail. When she's not designing, she's dreaming of living off-grid with dogs and goats, or working on her webcomic, The Flock.

T.J. Smith

Partner / Strategist

T.J. brings to the team over two decades of professional experience architecting websites since graduating from Kettering University. Outside of Boxcar, he dedicates his time to Brighton Area Fire Department and the county and state technical rescue teams. His ideal weekend is unplugged on the banks of the Rifle River with the family.

Liza Wilde

Technical Lead Developer

Liza leads the development team at Boxcar from a technical perspective, working to help architect sites and gather requirements for projects. When she's not glued to her computer screen, she can be found exploring Michigan with her two pups, Maisie and Rhea, or binging the latest sci-fi show on Netflix.

Andy Guzman

Lead Developer

Andy leads our development team with an extensive background in usability testing, content management systems architecture, and theme development. When his laptop is closed he enjoys sitting on the shores of Lake Tahoe with his family, playing guitar, and performing a two person version of Hamilton: An American Musical with his oldest daughter in their living room.

Adam Hulyksmith


Adam spent over ten years developing and maintaining websites for his alma mater, the University of Michigan, before joining Boxcar Studio. He spends most of his free time playing soccer, riding his bike, and coaxing his dog Ruby into making funny faces for the camera.

Wendi Fornoff

Accessibility Specialist

Wendi has been working in digital accessibility since 2001 and as a consultant for Boxcar Studio since 2010. She has a master’s degree in social work from the University of Michigan and is a member of https://iassistdata.org/. She loves working with the Boxcar folks even though they are a bunch of coffee-drinking dog people. In her spare time, Wendi drinks tea and hangs out with her cats.

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