Our Cultures & Values

We believe in organizations that serve the public good and dedicate most of our work to websites that serve their audiences and hardworking teams.

We believe in the impact the human race has on our natural environment and role each of us can play in minimizing it. Boxcar Studio can be part of the solution by demonstrating how to reduce a company’s environmental impact while still growing as a business and serving organizations that benefit society.

By our conduct and the clients we serve, we intend to exemplify our driving principles based on three pillars:

Adam, a developer, at the top of a cliff climb on a Boxcar retreat



We reuse, reduce, refuse and recycle. Boxcar considers recycled and renewable products in its purchasing decisions. We strive to limit paper-based transactions. We recycle equipment no longer in use by the company or donate it. We also employ a make-do, resourceful attitude toward any purchases and equipment.

Energy, Water, Carbon Footprint

The pandemic of 2020 demonstrated the Boxcar team is highly effective while working remotely. We decided this would be our primary work style going forward. This alone greatly reduces the company’s carbon footprint by eliminating a commute for the team, plus the additional resources of maintaining an office. When the team would like to gather, the company has invested in a tiny house on the Huron River. This small, highly energy-efficient space serves as both a satellite office and a getaway to be enjoyed by the team members, their friends, and family. This co-op arrangement reduces resources by sharing a communal space that can be enjoyed by dozens of people. Boxcar’s goal is to increase this location’s self-sufficiency over time including solar panels, wind power, and vegetable gardens.


Websites for the Public Good

Since its inception, Boxcar Studio has focused its work on nonprofits, K-12, and higher education. This stems from the background and passion of its two founders, and carries through to its dedicated team.

Skills and Expertise

Boxcar brings its years of experience and insight to bear on what are often complex sites with complex data and audiences. We have a deep understanding of the nonprofit sector and its often limited resources, so work hard to arrive at sustainable solutions in a true partnership. Our work with universities and colleges spans from large departments to smaller initiatives and programs with a keen emphasis on students, faculty and researchers – providing the critical information they need. By designing and developing user-friendly, navigable, functional websites, with a strong focus on audience and accessibility, Boxcar works to promote research and understanding in libraries, clean transportation, social justice, Great Lakes health, personal rehabilitation, community recreation, history and culture, health and wellness and dozens of other sectors in the public good.

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tj and kids


The Team

The health and wellbeing of our team is paramount to the Boxcar mission. Boxcar believes environmental justice is social justice and vice versa. We strive to provide a safe, motivating environment and development opportunities to empower team members to serve and create value for our clients. This in turn serves the larger community.

Work life balance is not just a phrase but core to our values. The trust and support among the owners and team members ensure that any individual may take any personal time required to live their best life.

Currently, Boxcar is made up of 50% female identifying and 50% male identifying team members. We continue to strive to create an empowering workplace focused on cultivating inclusivity and collaboration.